In a world gone mad searching for legitimate affiliate marketing information, there is only one hope for your financial survival…YOU! You are your own superhero, battling the forces of mission creep, content chaos, and SEOblivion. Affiliopolis is your personal affiliate marketing empire, and it is counting on you to protect it from the forces intent on its destruction.

About Affiliopolis

Welcome You’ve reached the Affiliopolis city limits. Your assignment is to help defend this city from the forces of darkness bent on its destruction. Affilliopolis needs you to protect its infrastructure, culture, and economy. It […]

Choosing a WordPress Theme? Keep it Simple.

Imagine going to your local supermarket to buy soup and finding an entire aisle, stacked from floor to ceiling, with 15,000 varieties. Unless you knew exactly what you wanted, you could be there for a […]

Inventing Your Ideal Customer

A common misconception about writing, and one that I believe cripples more would-be writers than any other myth is that to write one must just sit down and start writing. That’s fine for poetry or […]

These fiends will do anything they can to ruin your affiliate marketing campaign. They will bury your site on the thousandth page of a Google search, make your copy uninteresting and unreadable, and make you question your knowledge and abilities. Don't let them get away with it!


Content Chaos

Scope Creep